For 2015, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to create and start writing a blog. However, I only got as far as making a wordpress account, awkwardly starting and then deleting a few posts before putting it off. When I reflected on 2015, not starting a blog was one of the few resolutions I strongly regretted.

So for this year, I’d like to try again.

2015 was a stressful year, a busy one full of changes and more challenges than I’ve ever faced in such a short period of time. In 2015 I completed my A Levels, left the school I had been at for seven years, revised and got into my first choice university and moved away from home to start studying English Literature full time for the next three years.

There was a lot of change, and while daunting, it’s been for the best. I’ve managed to get through my first time at university, make some really wonderful new friends and manage to get decent marks on my course I have enjoyed studying for the most part.

As I write, tomorrow will be the first day of my second semester with new modules I’m not that positive about studying.  The options for this semester were not as good as my first, but I’m hoping that once the first week is out of the way and I become settled into the university routine again, I can look back at this and feel more positive knowing it went better than I expected.





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