Outlander Season Two Episode 12 Review: The Hail Mary

Despite knowing already that Jamie and Claire fail in their plan to prevent the Battle of Culloden, it was still incredibly frustrating to watch them not succeed in their attempts to change history. Β I still throughout that maybe, Jamie could convince Charles not to battle at Culloden and their last ditch attempts to stop it... Continue Reading →


Outlander Season Two Episode 11 Review: Vengeance is Mine

This week didn't hit the same highs as the past few episodes, but had important character moments and developments which I greatly appreciated. Plot wise it didn't move the story forward in any significant way regarding the Battle of Culloden, but overall still managed to be interesting and important with the characters. An episode where... Continue Reading →

Outlander Season Two Episode 10 Review: Prestonpans

    If I was a mess this week watching Outlander, god knows how I'm going to survive the finale. Knowing the rebellion is going to fail is going to make watching everyone head off for war incredibly painful. Philip John directed this week's and last week's episode, and he's done a brilliant job. I... Continue Reading →


Outlander Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Je Suis Prest

"I don't know if I'm ready to go to war again"Despite not being as plot heavy as last week, this episode surpasses last week with the strong character moments and dealing with the practical and emotional impacts of war. The episode opens with Claire and Jamie taking their men forward to join the rebellion, only... Continue Reading →



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