Outlander Season Two Episode 11 Review: Vengeance is Mine


This week didn’t hit the same highs as the past few episodes, but had important character moments and developments which I greatly appreciated. Plot wise it didn’t move the story forward in any significant way regarding the Battle of Culloden, but overall still managed to be interesting and important with the characters.

  • An episode where Prince Charles didn’t say ‘Mark me’ has to be noted. I’m glad there was less of him this week, though I do like how the writers showed his fierce determination in continuing moving forward in the rebellion, and not wanting to follow his generals advice in going back to Culloden. I’m not a massive fan of his character, but appreciate the dedication he has in his cause and in pursuing it.


  • I admit I had forgotten about the Duke of Sandringham, but it didn’t take long to remember how much I hated him. I wondered if we were ever going to find out about the attack on Claire and Mary, and it was a good and shocking reveal that the Duke was behind it. The fact that he expected Claire to be grateful for only having his men order to rape rather than kill her really only reinforced what a detestable character he was. I like how the reveal was done with Claire noticing the mark on the servant’s hand, as they focused on that in earlier episodes this season.


  • You may hate the Duke but he had the best comedic moments in this episode. The opening episode title with the wig falling over was brilliant. I loved how the first thing he did when Jamie entered to save Claire was to put his wig back on, he couldn’t bear to face Jamie without looking presentable. It was even better because he didn’t put it on properly. 193.jpg


  • Munro was a character I had completely forgotten about, especially since it’s been so long since we’ve seen him. Still, it was nice to be reminded of his character again, especially in his loyalty to Jamie and in helping Claire by receiving her messages and giving them to Jamie.


  • Angus’s death last week hasn’t been forgotten, poor Rupert consistently bringing him up. It’s nice to know he’s still being remembered so often, even after time had passed after the battle.  Rupert can’t get a break though, thankfully Claire managed to save him after he was shot in the eye by a British soldier.


  • Murtagh finally being able to avenge Claire and Mary was great, as you could tell his failure to prevent the attack had haunted Murtagh, and for him to be able to honour them by killing the Duke and bringing his head to Mary and Claire was a powerful moment. Murtagh never disappoints. Case in point, his best lines from the episode ““Tell me, does it ever occur to you that taking Claire to wife might not have been the wisest thing you ever did?” and “I kept my word, I lay your vengeance at your feet.”


  • I was so happy to see Mary again, when Jamie and Claire left Paris I was sad that we didn’t see her before they left, that one scene after Claire visits her after her rape didn’t seem like a fitting farewell to the character. After another surprise was revealed that she was the Duke’s god-daughter, it made the Duke working together with the Comte for the attack on them so so much worse, especially his lack of remorse. Mary’s inner strength was on display this episode, and though her initial hesitance at going to the front to warn Munro was frustrating, her gaining the courage and eventually stabbing her rapist was an important moment. Mary deserved to exact her revenge more than anyone, and having her kill her attacker was the best part of the episode for me. I hope we see her next week too.


  • I was loving Claire in this episode, especially considering she wasn’t prominently featured in last week’s episode. Her feistiness and showing  she had just as much dedication as Jamie to protecting their men was a fantastic scene. ” Am I not Lady Broch Tuarach? Are these not my men too?” is probably my favorite line of the episode.


Until next week,





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