Outlander Season Two Episode 12 Review: The Hail Mary


Despite knowing already that Jamie and Claire fail in their plan to prevent the Battle of Culloden, it was still incredibly frustrating to watch them not succeed in their attempts to change history.  I still throughout that maybe, Jamie could convince Charles not to battle at Culloden and their last ditch attempts to stop it would work. Watching it you knew that the attack on the birthday party wasn’t going to go as planned, but I still convinced myself that they could change history somehow.

Jamie’s frustration echoes that, and how this season he and Claire have been rebuked every turn almost in their attempts to shape the future. Now there’s certainly no chance of stopping it, and Jamie and Claire are heading to what they’ve always feared, helpless to stop it.

I was glad we got to see Alex again, even if it was in poorer circumstances. It’s sad to know that Alex’s illness is now causing his immediate death, but there’s some comfort in knowing that he and Mary got to share some happiness together, even though it was short-lived. Especially considering last time we saw him Claire had dashed his hopes of a future with Mary.

Mary appeared to have matured significantly since the last episode, I’m not sure how much time has supposed to have passed since then. Her relationship with Alex as well as her pregnancy have caused her to grow up, and her frostiness when she meets Claire again is expected.  The devotion she has to Alex was incredibly sad to see, but thank god her marriage to Jack Randall will be short-lived. Not to mention it’s a huge relief knowing that the child recovered from her marriage with Jack is actually Alex’s.

It was a shock seeing Randall again this episode. Tobias Menzies is beyond amazing in this role though. He’s the most horrible character to watch on-screen, and yet you can’t keep your eyes off him when he appears. It was interesting to see a Randall at the mercy of Claire this week, rather than the other way round. Randall’s vulnerability this week was odd, I wasn’t convinced at first that his affection for his brother was genuine. It’s hard to wonder how Jack treated Alex so kindly compared to everyone else in his life. It adds some further layers to this twisted character, and it’s something to know he can feel love and affection towards someone else. It felt odd watching him be nice, especially in his pledge to look after Mary and her child. But the Randall we know and hate was still there, his scene with Claire serving as a strong reminded of how sick this character is.  Even when he needs help he’s still manages to unnerve everyone. His small, small good side is till tainted by his terror, and his beating of Alex after his death was awful.

Murtagh again continues to be the most lovable character on the show, and his offer to marry Mary was so sweet. Never change Murtagh.

The scene with Dougal and Column was incredibly sad, and Dougal’s face when he realises Column has passed away while he was speaking was heartbreaking.

Until next week,



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