Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season Two Episode 13 Review ‘Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith?’

“I’m just a girl in love,

I can’t be held responsible for my actions!”

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After a stellar second season, Crazy-Ex Girlfriend’s end to Season Two demonstrated how far Rebecca and Josh have come, and how much longer they still have to go to fully address their issues.

There are quite a few call backs to the pilot in this episode, from the embarrassing text Rebecca sends to her Dad mirroring the one she sent Josh when she first moved to West Covina, and Rebecca’s declaration that “This is what happy feels like”. Though instead of being stuck in New York, Rebecca is marrying the love of her life and she finally has her dad back in he life. Rebecca finally has everything she’s ever wanted, but naturally this idea was going to be crushed pretty quickly, when she ignores the realities of her relationships with Josh and her dad.

Rebecca’s reprise was one of the best moments of the season, all the call backs to earlier songs in the series, such as ‘I Love My Daughter’ and ‘We’ll Never Have Problems Again’. I always love reprises in  musicals, and this one was perfect. It was beautiful and emotional, yet also punched me in the gut. Seeing Rebecca so hopeful was heartbreaking, the use of ‘You Stupid Bitch’ and ‘I’m the Villain In My Own Story’ highlighting her false belief that all her negative feelings about herself would be wiped away through her wedding.



It was a brilliant choice for the audience to realise the origin of this seasons theme song through the revelation that Rebecca had been in a mental institution after her affair with Robert, and how she uses musical numbers to handle her reality. Rebecca’s mother forcing her to repress it and forget it ever happened makes sense, and I really hope we get to learn more about Robert’s impact on her in Season 3. We know that at the beginning of Season 1 that Rebecca gave up using her medication after being desperately unhappy, as I really liked the fact that the audience got the chance to see where her negative reaction to medication comes from.

Trent is bizarre yet brilliant, so I will happily take any appearance of his character. I liked how he was a red herring, and that the information he gave Josh wasn’t even opened. Josh didn’t need to read the files to validate his doubts about Rebecca, a choice I really liked. It would have been easy for Josh to read the files and call off the marriage, but no Josh had a different plan. (Also loved the instrumental music for ‘Thought Bubbles’ playing while he tried to reassure himself)

The finale still showed the progress Rebecca has made though, not only acknowledging how shitty her dad was and kicking him out of her life, but through the friendships she’s made.  Last season she had the always wonderful and brilliant Paula, but this season she’s even managed to secure true friendships with Valencia and Heather which is probably my favourite thing about this season. All the women standing together on a cliff supporting Rebecca vowing to destroy Josh Chan? Yes please. Rebecca has friends who care about her, friends that she has managed to help inadvertently or not, and I’m looking forward to these four women being centre stage next season.The romanticised fantasy of Josh Chan may be shattered, but Rebecca’s obsession isn’t going anywhere, only now being focused on enacting revenge rather than trying to gain his love. She now truly lives up to being the ‘Crazy-Ex Girlfriend’, and it’s a journey that will be necessary to Rebecca eventually focusing on her happiness, not fixating on Josh to achieve it.

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Josh too is shown to be going through the same  thing, acknowledging he has an issue by defining himself by his romantic relationships, running from partner to partner instead of working on his issues alone. Josh is seen running to another relationship to solve his problems, though rather than a relationship with a woman, it’s his relationship with God. It’s a great twist, and while shocking it didn’t feel out of character at all. I’m intrigued to see whether Josh will manage, and how he will deal with Rebecca’s wrath.

Best Lines:


-“Have fun flying coach, Dick!”

-“If you’re even one minute late, I will murder your entire family!”

-“It took me a while to find a big enough ‘Top Secret’ stamp at the craft store”

Favourite Songs From Season 2:

It Was a Shitshow

The Math of Love Triangles


Who’s the New Guy?

Rebecca’s Reprise

Maybe This Dream

(Also shoutout to Greg’s Drinking Song and Tell Me I’m Okay Patrick)

Can’t wait for Season Three!





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