Monthly Archives: August 2017

Books That Deserve Television Adaptations

ITV’s announcement last week that a new adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is in development only left me with one thought: Why?

I don’t doubt the ability of the producers (who worked on Poldark and Victoria) to make a compelling adaptation, but it just feels incredibly unnecessary. This will be the novel’s sixth time being adapted for television, not including the various other formats the novel has taken in film, theatre etc. There’s not a lot that can be improved on, with all versions offering something different, and having strengths and weaknesses in their approach to the text. It feels like a desperate move to secure good ratings, and it got me thinking about all the other books that deserve adaptations, old and new.

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Visit to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium


Thought I would try to write something a little different today, I know I don’t normally write about the places I visit but the post about my trip to the Bronte Parsonage was fun to write, so I thought I could try to do it again today.

Anyone that has met me probably knows how much I love cats, and that my future undoubtedly lies being a crazy cat lady. My mum loves cats just as much as I do, and so when we heard there was a Cat Cafe in London, we knew we had to visit at some point. Since it was my birthday last week, we decided to go yesterday as a belated birthday treat, and oh my god it certainly did not disappoint.

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