Visit to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium


Thought I would try to write something a little different today, I know I don’t normally write about the places I visit but the post about my trip to the Bronte Parsonage was fun to write, so I thought I could try to do it again today.

Anyone that has met me probably knows how much I love cats, and that my future undoubtedly lies being a crazy cat lady. My mum loves cats just as much as I do, and so when we heard there was a Cat Cafe in London, we knew we had to visit at some point. Since it was my birthday last week, we decided to go yesterday as a belated birthday treat, and oh my god it certainly did not disappoint.

We booked a table beforehand, and you get a time slot of an hour and a half there, which was the ideal amount of time really. You pay beforehand for what kind of visit you want, whether it’s just a hot drink or a full afternoon tea. However we just booked to have a hot drink each, but you can order more items when you get there, which we ended up doing once we got there.

When arriving we were taken through to another room to wash our hands, and were told some basic rules about how to behave around the cats. Very straightforward and more than understandable, the rules just made sure you knew not to use flash when taking pictures, and to be gentle when playing with them and not harass any of the cats unnecessarily when they were sleeping or eating. It was a good system, and just made sure guests understood everything before being taken to their table.

The cafe is on two floors, and the cats are all over. They moved around constantly so we got to see lots of different cats and if not, we just visited one of the floors to see what they were up to.  There were toys in boxes you could use to entertain the cats, and there was plenty of cat furniture up high and down below, making it entertaining to sit and watch all the cats exploring.

Just chilling


There were also kittens(!!) who were all black and white and so lovely and soft, and I was in love basically. When I came back to my table after exploring downstairs, one of them had taken my seat, which was more than fine by me.

There are worse problems to have I guess..

All the staff were really friendly and more than happy to chat about the cats and answer any questions, and all the cats clearly loved everyone who worked there (especially when they fed them).

So majestic


The coffee was great and came out quickly, and the food (cake) was amazing as well.

Can I live here please?

I was pretty much in heaven for that hour and a half, and all the cats were beautiful and wonderful. I would love to go back again at some point, and if you’re in London and like cats at all, I can’t recommend it enough.

Website here:

(Now just more pictures of cats)

It’s a hard life
So, so hard


Should I exercise or nap?





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