Visit to Nyman’s Gardens

Apologies for the lack of posts, this was meant to be published ten days ago, but uni work got to me instead. Today I finished my English Degree (!) and while that is terrifying, it should mean that for the time being, I will have a lot of free time to write. After a week... Continue Reading →


Favourite Bookshops in London

Since I've managed to visit some pretty great bookshops lately, I thought I would make a post detailing some of my favourite places in London to visit and buy books, if you have any thoughts or other recommendations of bookshops to visit, please let me know in the comments! Foyles- Charing Cross Road If I... Continue Reading →

Visit to Petworth House

This was my second visit to Petworth House, and I still didn’t get around to seeing everything I wanted, which is a testament to the grand scale of the grounds that surround the house. As I’m already acting like a middle-aged woman rather than a student, I got a national trust membership this year. Despite... Continue Reading →

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