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Visit to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium


Thought I would try to write something a little different today, I know I don’t normally write about the places I visit but the post about my trip to the Bronte Parsonage was fun to write, so I thought I could try to do it again today.

Anyone that has met me probably knows how much I love cats, and that my future undoubtedly lies being a crazy cat lady. My mum loves cats just as much as I do, and so when we heard there was a Cat Cafe in London, we knew we had to visit at some point. Since it was my birthday last week, we decided to go yesterday as a belated birthday treat, and oh my god it certainly did not disappoint.

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Visit to Haworth and the Bronte Parsonage

Since my interest in the Bronte’s has begun, I’ve desperately wanted to go back to Haworth. I went for the day years ago, before I had read any of their novels, and didn’t go to the Bronte Parsonage. This time around I was going to Sheffield to visit my sister with my parents, but the day before we left, travelled up to Haworth just for the day. It was not enough time  to be able to explore Haworth and the beautiful moors surrounding it, but it was such a worthwhile trip and has definitely left me determined to visit again.

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